Journey Back to Christmas

Take a magical journey with Candace Cameron Bure in this captivating Christmas movie. She’s Hanna, a small-town nurse in 1945 who bangs her head during a stormy night in mid-December as a comet passes overhead. Hanna miraculously wakes up in 2016, just as the comet is due to return… Kindly cop Jake (Oliver Hudson) takes the confused Hanna under his wing as she tries to convince the townsfolk she’s from the past. While figuring out what’s happened, Hanna sees the nice and nasty sides of the locals – and injects some much-needed Christmas magic into the town. Stars Bure and Hudson shine brightly and Tom Skerritt has a really lovely role as an old-timer who may have the answer that Hanna is seeking. A hard-to-fault film with a delightful twist.